Each year the Foundation provides funding to community organizations through its grants application process. Grant applications for 2018 are accepted from February 12th until April 27th with the recipients being named in late May of 2018.

To assist those interested in applying for a grant, the general guidelines of importance to the Grants Committee include:

  • Organizations requesting funding must be an IRS recognized direct 501(c) (3) charitable organization.
  • The organization and program requesting funds must provide its benefits and services to the quad-city area of Yavapai County.
  • Grants for new or substantially improved programs are given priority over those seeking support for established programs.
  • Programs that promote community partnerships and benefit a broad spectrum of the community will be given priority.
  • There must be a demonstrated need for and clear benefits of the program.
  • There must be a demonstrated source of continued funding if the program is to be continued beyond the grant period.
  • Grants typically range from $1,000 to $15,000


If your organization is interested in applying for a grant, more details can be found at www.jcfgp.org or by contacting the Foundation at 771-3737.


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