As the significance of the digital age progresses, it becomes increasingly important for charitable organizations to provide the public with ready access to information. To this end the Foundation has recently completed a one-year project of updating its web site at Although the Foundation has revised its web site on numerous occasions since it was first created in the year 2000, the latest update is a significant leap in capabilities and information.

The first major improvement has been the development of a video gallery that allows visitors to the web site to ‘view on demand’ any of the Foundation’s past Days of Remembrance events held at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. Until now, those video records had been kept on DVD’s at the various libraries in the community. With the improved web site, visitors can select from any of the past Holocaust Remembrance events and watch it at their leisure on any desktop computer or mobile device.

Secondly, an extensive photo gallery has been created that highlights many of the Foundation’s programs and initiatives. Over the past ten years the Foundation has collected more than 6,000 photos from its various functions. Thanks to the hard work of many of the Foundation’s trustees, this extensive collection has been narrowed to 400 photos to be displayed on the new web site. Visitors to the site will find photo albums from the Foundation’s Leadership Missions to Israel, the Leadership Mission to Washington, D.C., the Jewish Foundation Healthcare Scholars’ Program at Yavapai College, the What You Do Matters Law Enforcement Program, and many other events.

Lastly, the Foundation has expanded the information about many of its programs on the new web site. Visitors can learn in detail about the successful What You Do Matters Law Enforcement Program, the purpose and itineraries of the Leadership Missions to Israel, the focus of the Foundation’s Healthcare Scholars Program, or the future of Holocaust Remembrance.

We hope you enjoy the new web site and its many features. If you have suggestions for improvement, please contact the Foundation at or call us at (928) 717 – 3737.


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