Israeli Scouts Take Prescott By Storm

High Energy! The two words used most often by the those in attendance to describe the captivating performance given by a traveling group of ten Israeli Scouts at the Ballroom of the Capital Market on Thursday evening, June 11th. For over an hour, a capacity crowd was treated to a dynamic and pulsating medley of Israeli dance and song. The question on everyone’s mind was: ‘Can we bring them back next year?’

Each year the Israeli Scout organization in Israel sends three groups of Scouts to America as emissaries of goodwill and common values. Each group (or caravan as the Israelis call them) consists of 10 scouts, 5 boys and 5 girls, who are accompanied by two ‘adult’ Israeli Defense Force officers. These caravans of Scouts spend the summer in America visiting churches, schools, colleges, and civic groups. The Israeli Scouts for the American caravans are an elite group of young people, having been chosen through a rigorous selection process from 60,000 scouts active in Israel.

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