At pinning and graduation ceremonies on May 6th, the fourth, and final, class of Jewish Foundation Healthcare Nursing Scholars graduated from the Nursing School program at Yavapai College. The thirteen graduates were: Monica Cook, Jessica Dickinson, Mindy Diehl, Jennifer Ellis, Danielle Hamilton, Jaime Henegar, Harvey Kenyon, Jessie Libby, Megan Martinez, Tomas Medevielle, Miranda Plueard, Gabriel Roybal, and Jessica Wallace.  One additional recipient of a nursing scholarship is scheduled to graduate from the nursing program in December.

Entering their perspective fields of study in August of 2015, these students spent countless hours in the classroom, on their clinical rotations, and studying their textbooks to obtain their dream of becoming a healthcare professional. Next, these new graduates will sit for their Arizona licensing examination and then will seek a position in our local healthcare industry.

Of special note is the accomplishment of one of the JCF Nursing Scholars. At the May 6th nurses’ pinning ceremony, Mindy Diehl was awarded the Spirit Award, in recognition of her positive accomplishments and attitude. Over the past four years, JCF Nursing Scholars have received eight of the twelve honors awarded at the annual pinning ceremonies.

As the JCF Nursing Scholars program transitions into the Community Healthcare Scholars program, it can proudly look back upon its success. The four entering classes of Jewish Foundation Healthcare Scholars were composed of 59 students who received full scholarships. Of this number, 90% successfully completed their studies. More importantly, the vast majority of the graduates have honored their moral commitment to remain in the county to provide health care for residents.

When asked about the fourth graduating class of nursing students, JCF president, David Hess, said: “The Jewish Foundation takes great pride that these students have excelled in their studies and will now provide much needed health care services for our community. Each year I am totally amazed at the accomplishments of these students and this scholarship program. These young professionals are truly remarkable.”

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