“Deeds of Giving are the Foundations of the World”

This quote from the Torah serves as the Jewish Community Foundation’s motto for a reason. It best characterizes the fundamental Jewish belief of charitable giving – to help your neighbor or community is the basis upon which all else depends. With this heritage, it is not surprising that so many of us want to make meaningful and lasting charitable gifts. Unfortunately, we may feel uncertain as to the best approach. Too often we believe that bequests, endowments, and trusts are only for the very wealthy. As a result, many of us do nothing. It just seems beyond our scope.
As a public foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott is committed to helping individuals in their planned charitable giving. Whatever your goal – memorializing or honoring a loved one, supporting the causes that touched your life, leaving a bequest to Temple B’rith Shalom, or creating a gift that lives after you – the Jewish Community Foundation can help. For questions or assistance in structuring a gift to the Jewish Community call the Foundation at (928) 771-3737.