A Holocaust Survivors’ Speaker Bureau has been established to assist interested groups in scheduling Holocaust survivors to speak to their audiences. The purpose of the Speaker Bureau is to provide school, church, civic, military, municipal, and professional groups with the memorable and moving opportunity of listening to a Holocaust survivor tell their personal story of sorrow, loss, and survival. Listed below are the names and a brief biography of the speakers currently available. For more information or to schedule a speaker contact the Foundation by calling 771-3737 or by email at info@jcfgp.org.

Roza Rosenberg – Fleeing the Nazis by traveling to Russia from Poland, Roza’s parents were placed in a Siberian work camp, where Roza was born. After the war, they lived for five years in a Displaced Persons camp, before coming to the U.S.

Saul Fein – Born in the town of Thigina in Romania, Saul and his family escaped the Nazis by immigrating to Argentina in 1938. Their family that remained in Romania perished in the Holocaust.  Saul and his family immigrated to the U.S. in 1950.

Irene Danon – Born in Yugoslavia, Irene and her family survived the Holocaust by hiding from the Nazis for three years. They were among the 983 Yugoslavian refugees allowed into the U.S. in August 1944 by Roosevelt’s War Refugee Board.