On March 16, 2006 the Jewish Foundation sponsored a Leadership Mission to Washington, D.C. for civic and law enforcement professionals form Yavapai County. At the time no one knew the impact that trip would have on our community, our state, and our nation. What has happened in the ensuing ten years has been nothing other than extraordinary. Over the last decade the Foundation has worked cooperatively with an increasingly larger number of supporters and partners as the What You Do Matters Law Enforcement Program (WYDM) has grown and expanded.

Contributing to this progress have been the following organizations/agencies: the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM); the law enforcement agencies of Yavapai County, specifically the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office; the City of Cottonwood; the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZPOST); and Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council (APAAC). These partners have made it possible for the program to expand and reach a larger audience.

With the certification of an additional two-dozen facilitators in April of 2015, the program is now being routinely taught in every corner of Arizona. A list of just a few of the agencies that have received training include:

  • Scottsdale Police Department
  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team
  • Yuma Police Department
  • Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
  • Yuma Border Patrol
  • Yuma ICE
  • Phoenix Police Department
  • ALEA – Arizona Law Enforcement Academy
  • WALETA – Western Arizona Law Enforcement Academy
  • NARTA – Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy
  • Pima County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
  • Tucson Police Department
  • Page Police Department
  • SALEM – Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Management group

In the last two years alone, more than 100 WYDM classes have been taught, reaching more than 2,500 law enforcement professionals across the state. The Foundation has been fortunate to be associated with so many fine people and organizations in the development and propagation of this important leadership program.


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