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What You Do Matters Conference

On April 17th, the Jewish Foundation hosted the First Annual What You Do Matters Facilitators’ Conference at the Biltmore Resort in Phoenix. Attending this inaugural conference were twenty-three law enforcement professionals, representing twenty different law enforcement agencies from across the state. Each had spent the last year mastering the materials of the What You Do Matters law enforcement program. These dedicated professionals had completed an intensive study program that included hours of classroom work, a two-day seminar at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and practical experience in facilitating more than fifty classes to approximately 1,200 of their colleagues.

The morning conference featured presentations by Holocaust historian, William F. Meinecke, Jr., Ph.D., of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney; Doug Bartosh, the Cottonwood City Manager; and David Hess, M.D., president of the Jewish Foundation. The conference was designed to review the outcomes of the program and to further the facilitators’ knowledge of the role of the German police in the Holocaust.

The morning conference was followed by an awards luncheon with the following special guests in attendance: Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General; Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney; Lyle Mann, Executive Director, Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training, and Diane Joens, Mayor of the City of Cottonwood. Marcus A. Applebaum, Director, Law, Justice, and Society Initiatives at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C gave the keynote address.

In describing the cooperative efforts of the various law enforcement agencies in Arizona for their work in disseminating the What You Do Matters program, Applebaum said: “Never before in the Holocaust Museum’s experience have we witnessed such a diversity of organizations working toward a dedicated goal of disseminating the Lessons of the Holocaust. As a representative of the Museum, I stand in awe of what you have accomplished in Arizona.”

At the conclusion of the awards luncheon, Doug Bartosh and William Meinecke received the Foundation’s prestigious Guardians of Freedom Award and each of the newly certified What You Do Matters facilitators received a recognition plaque and specially designed Guardians of Freedom lapel pin. Because of the dedication of these professionals, the What You Do Matters program will now be available throughout the state to any interested law enforcement agency.

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