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Generosity. Support. Community.

Published in Oct/Nov 2019 Prescott Woman Magazine

By Christine Resnick

Since its inception 20 years ago, the desire to create and support initiatives that impact our community has driven the Jewish Community of Greater Prescott.

One such example: In 2012, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott (JCF) provided full scholarships to 48 students in Yavapai College’s nursing and radiologic technology programs over a five-year period. This act created the school’s largest-ever scholarship program: The Community Healthcare Scholarship Fund.

Since then, the movement gained momentum as other community organizations contributed funds; they include Harold James Family Trust, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott, Margret T. Morris Foundation, Prescott Radiologists, LLP, Yavapai College Foundation, and Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

As described by JCF president, David Hess, M.D., “The program simultaneously supports education and healthcare, while ensuring a ‘pipeline’ of vital healthcare professionals for the local medical community.”

The Community Healthcare Scholarship Fund is designed to address two issues: the expected shortage of healthcare professionals in the coming years and the inability of rural communities to effectively compete with urban communities for these highly valued professionals.

The scholarship program, therefore, is a community effort to identify, support, and train students who are committed to pursuing a healthcare career in our local community.

The first recipients of the Jewish Foundation Healthcare Scholarships began their professional studies at Yavapai College in August of 2012. To date, the program has graduated more than 100 nurses and radiology techs. More than 90 percent of these graduates have stayed to practice in our community.

Paul Kirchgraber, Executive Director at Yavapai College Foundation said of the Community Healthcare Scholarship Program, “The College is overwhelmed with the enthusiasm our community has shown in supporting these aspiring healthcare professionals. The generosity of these respected organizations is truly amazing, and the provided scholarships relieve the financial burden for students allowing them to concentrate on their studies.”

The program has also inspired many graduates to pay it forward by creating scholarships for others pursing a nursing degree.  The success of this program is because of the many partners and dedicated students.  It has provided a solution to a much-needed resource in our community.

For further information about the Community Healthcare Scholars Program, contact the Yavapai College Foundation at 928.776.2025 or visit the JCF website at