The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott (JCF) has established the Community Relief Fund (CRF) in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  CRF will assist in the immediate needs of our community’s most vulnerable residents that have been impacted by this pandemic.


  • 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations serving the Quad City area that meet the CRF criteria.


JCF will consider funds for the following:

  • Assist nonprofits serving vulnerable populations with basic needs (food, housing, living expenses, transportation costs, etc.) related to the negative impacts of the pandemic.
  • Assist nonprofit organizations experiencing staffing and/or volunteer gaps due to quarantines and/or physical distancing.
  • Fund programming to address mental health impacts.

Grants requests up to $15,000 will be accepted and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Requests will be reviewed by the JCF and awarded as quickly as possible.  We expect our community’s needs will exceed the funds available.


  • Activities that are non-secular or promote a religious doctrine.
  • Funding to schools and public agencies that would supplement tax-supported, mandated services.
  • Annual fundraising campaigns or events.
  • Creation of or addition to endowment funds.
  • Payment of debt or legal settlements.
  • Contributions to a capital campaign.


All grant applications must be submitted electronically in a Word Document format or in a PDF format. Applications should be submitted to:

The Foundation appreciates the time and energy involved in preparing and submitting a grant application. Should you have questions about the grant application process please contact us at (928) 771-3737


Grant applications are to be no more than two letter-sized typed pages and should include the following required information:

  • Name of applicant organization
  • Mailing and street address of the organization
  • Contact information of person responsible for the application process
  • A concise description of the project
  • How the pandemic has affected the organization’s daily operations.
  • The total cost of the project and the amount requested from the Foundation
  • Who in the community will benefit from the project?

If this is the organization’s first time applying to the JCF, please also include:

  • Name and contact information of the organization’s executive director
  • Names of trustees of the organization
  • A brief summary of the organization’s mission
  • IRS letter of determination of tax-exempt status.

By applying for this grant, the requesting organization certifies the information submitted is accurate and agrees to the following:

A grant from the JCF is to be used only for the purposes described herein and is subject to the grantee’s acceptance of the conditions specified below.

Grant Period: Up to 11 months

Purpose and Use of Funds: Grant funds must be spent within 11 months of the grant date and for the purposes stated and specified above. Grant funds may not be used for any expenses incurred prior to the grant date. If something unexpected occurs or additional time to complete the funded activities is needed, you may request an extension or budget modification by email. No changes may be made in timing or budgetary use of the grant funds without the JCF’s advance written approval.

Required Reports: No final report is required

Public Information: The JCF encourages grantees to make announcements of grants upon receipt of the grant payment. THE JCF can provide with assistance in your communication efforts. We also welcome your photos reflecting the services made possible by the grant.