Teacher, Musician, Husband, Father, And Hungarian Holocaust Survivor

Abe Meth was born on June 3, 1912 in Budapest, Hungary during a time of relative peace and tranquility. His father, Kalman, was an experienced jeweler, and his mother, Serena, was a homemaker who also sold eggs six days a week at the local market. Abe was the oldest of five children with two younger brothers, David and Israel, and two younger sisters, Gizella and Klara. For Abe his youth was filled with fond memories of strolls along the city boulevards and attending the theater and opera with his father.

Abe demonstrated a talent for music and, at the age of eight, convinced his father to buy him a violin – an instrument that Abe continues to play to this day at the age of 100. After finishing elementary and middle school, Abe entered the Teaching Institute of the Jewish Theological Seminary, hoping to qualify for a teaching position in a Jewish school. In 1933, at the age of 21, Abe graduated from the Teacher’s Institute and began to earn a living by tutoring students and playing his violin in a dance band on Saturday nights.