The PJ Library® is a unique program that encourages Jewish families with young children to explore Jewish literature.  To accomplish that goal, each month, The PJ Library® will send an age-appropriate Jewish content book or CD FREE to enrolled children between the ages of six months to eight years who reside in the quad-city area of Prescott. For children ages nine to twelve, PJ Our Way® is the next chapter, encouraging young readers to choose their own books. Created by The Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF).

Local philanthropists and organizations fund the PJ Library® and PJ Our Way® in partnership with HGF. In greater Prescott, The PJ Library® and PJ Our Way® program is sponsored by the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott in collaboration with The Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

If you have questions or need additional information, email [email protected] or call (928) 771-3737.

PJ Library brought to you by JCF
The PJ Library® program is FREE. PJ Library subscriptions are available for all Jewish children who are between the ages of six months to seven years, living in the quad-city area of Prescott. This program is free for children residing in the quad-city area of Prescott. Gift subscriptions are available for children who live outside the greater Prescott area.  Check out Gift Subscriptions at

When your children are enrolled in The PJ Library® they gain entry into the world of Jewish children’s literature. They start reading, meet new people and travel to far away places they have only heard of – Israel, Poland, Egypt, Russia, Ellis Island and more. The PJ Library® will enrich the lives of you and your children. Join the growing number of Jewish children nationwide expanding their minds and their libraries by taking part in The PJ Library®.

Join The PJ Library®!  Remember it is FREE and without obligation.
You may sign up by clicking on the link. After enrolling your children their first book should arrive in approximately six weeks to eight weeks. For additional information such as book lists, reading guides, frequently asked questions and more go to

PJ Our Way brought to you by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
The PJ Our Way® the next chapter of PJ Library® program is also FREE for readers nine to twelve. Every month, kids can come to the PJ Our Way® site to choose the book they want to receive. Kids can also submit reviews and videos about the books.